Sports Packages

Sports Games Available All Year with DIRECTV Packages

DIRECTV Sports Packages Will Let You Watch Your Favorite Teams

Did you miss your favorite sports team that was playing last night because you have some other television service provider? It's time to make the switch to DIRECTV. DIRECTV has all your sports teams available in the convenient packages that are perfect for your budget. You can watch the popular NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB action when the sports season arrives when you order DIRECTV sports packages.

NFL Sunday Ticket to See Every Touchdown

Only DIRECTV has the NFL Sunday Ticket where you can watch all the football action throughout the year. See every touchdown in real-time with the Red Zone Channel or keep track of your fantasy football players with the Fantasy Football Channel.

NHL Center Ice Lets You Cheer When the Puck Hits the Net

When the weather gets cold, you can watch the hockey ice heat up with NHL Center Ice at DIRECTV. Watch the hockey teams battle for a playoff spot so they can get a chance to win the Stanley Cup. DIRECTV also offers the Dual Feed where you can hear the action broadcast from your favorite home-town hockey announcers.

NBA League Pass Takes You to The Courtside

Watch the dribbles and the dunks into the basketball net when you get NBA League Pass. You can watch the basketball players run down the court as DIRECTV shows 97 regular games as well as 40 out-of-market games. Root for your team every year with DIRECTV.

MLB Extra Innings to Hear the Crack of the Bat

Watch the baseball fly through the air and the baseball player race to the bases with the MLB Extra Innings package from DIRECTV. You can catch 100 out-of-market games that will satisfy all the baseball fans in your home.

Call us today and get the sports package you desire with DIRECTV. You will never miss another sport game again.

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