Premium Channels

DIRECTV's Premium Channels Offer Hours of Entertainment

DIRECTV Premium Channels Will Blow Up The TV with Entertainment Options

It is getting so expensive to watch movies at the theater. Paying for the expensive tickets and all the snacks just isn't cost-effective when you can watch all the latest and hottest movies and shows through DIRECTV's Premium Channels. We have the movies, television series and new shows that will keep you entertained for hours on end. Even better, if you aren't interested in the movie, you can always change the channel to watch something better.

Here is a brief lineup of some of the channels provided with the Premium Package:


Take your television viewing to the max with Cinemax. There are 8 channels, and 1,600 movies available throughout the year when you sign up for the programming through DIRECTV. From box-office hits to incredible new series, don't miss a minute of entertainment.


There are movies galore available through the Showtime channel. DIRECTV offers 13 channels where you can watch sports, family movies and action shows. Tune in and turn the volume up when watching shows such as The Affair and Shameless. You won't want to change the channel.


DIRECTV has your HBO channels for the die-hard movie fans. There are 10 channels featuring all the latest and greatest shows, series and movies every minute. Don't blink as you may miss movies like Deadpool or shows like Westworld. And even if you miss it, DIRECTV's HD DVR lets you record or watch the show if you missed it up to 72 hours ago.


Family movies and adult programs can all be found at STARZ. DIRECTV has 15 STARZ channels. So every member of your family can find the entertainment that they love the most whether they want to watch The Good Dinosaur movie or the Power series.

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