Elevate Your Home Entertainment with DIRECTV

Say goodbye to the days of TV when you had no choice but to watch what was "on" or skipping through channel after channel only to find nothing. DIRECTV has elevated your home entertainment with its advanced Genie HD DVR and the Wireless Genie Mini. Now, you can record and watch your favorite shows or movies when you are ready to watch, on your schedule. With DIRECTV you can enjoy new releases as well as your favorite classic films like never before-in the industry's best picture format, 4K Ultra HD, with life-like clarity and nearly four times the resolution of HD.




Go Anywhere with DIRECTV APP

Stay connected to your TV without being connected! DIRECTV APP is a powerful mobile application that allows you to stream and watch live TV, right on your tablet or smartphone, from virtually anywhere. If you have a mobile device and are tired of missing your favorite programming, then you are ready for DIRECTV APP. With an expansive suite of tools and features to give you full control of your mobile viewing experience, you will always have your favorite shows right in your hand (or pocket!)
Content/channels/functionality varies. Data charges may apply.



Entertainment Anytime with Genie HD DVR

The Genie HD DVR includes an internal hard drive capable of recording up to 200 hours of HD programming, which means no more having to micromanage your DVR when your favorite show airs. Store episodes of your favorite show and games from your favorite team, or have a movie lineup ready to go for the family movie night. DIRECTV makes it easy to enjoy your favorite entertainment on your schedule!
*Based on one Genie HD DVR setup (model HR34 or HR44 only). Actual recording capacity varies based on type of programming being recorded.



DIRECTV Equipment That Fulfills Your Entertainment Needs

DIRECTV Has the Equipment Options for Your Television-Viewing Pleasure

There is nothing more frustrating than to order television service and then get an old, outdated cable box that was picked for you by the television company. DIRECTV believes you should have more choices when it comes to picking out the equipment you want to have in your home. DIRECTV always offers the latest technologies with their HD DVR equipment so you get the most out of your television viewing. Check out the equipment options that are available to you.


The most trusted entertainment services can be obtained from the incredible DIRECTV Genie. You can record all of your shows, movies and sports programs with the Genie. With the ability to record 200 hours of HD entertainment and watch 5 shows at once from any channel at any time, the Genie will give you all the entertainment you could possibly desire.


If you think that you can't get better quality with HD television, then you have never experienced the capabilities of DIRECTV HD 4K. You get 4 times the HD picture resolution with better picture lines and richer colors. The HD 4K is available on a DIRECTV 4K ready television. Contact our customer service representative for more information about HD 4K services.

DIRECTV Genie Minis and 4K Genie Minis

If you are part of a large family, then you have to deal with daily fights about who controls the TV remote. End the television battles with Genie Minis and 4K Genie Minis. You can place 8 minis in your home that will all connect to your single Genie HD DVR or HD 4K equipment. So everyone can be happy when they watch, record and play their favorite shows.

Call us today to find out what DIRECTV equipment would be best for your entertainment needs. Sign up for an account and get this impeccable service in your home.


Looking for a Show ? Just Ask !

Having trouble finding a show or movie? Can't remember the name? No problem! With DIRECTV APP all you need to do is ask! The cutting edge voice recognition built within the app enables you to speak the title of a movie or show, search by actor or event and the available options will appear. Enjoy all your favorite entertainment by simply speaking into your smartphone or other mobile device.
Voice App req's a smart phone with the DIRECTV Mobile App installed. TV control functionality requires an HD DVR (model HR24 or higher) and Phone and HD DVR must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. DVR Scheduler requires Internet access and login. In rare instances, scheduled recording(s) may not be recognized. Only available on certain DVR receivers. Visit for a complete list of phones and operating system versions supported.



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