DIRECTV APPS Keep You Mobile

It's new. It's fun. It's DIRECTV! Life is busy and you are always on the go. Take your TV with you so you can watch on your device or even program your home TV from your device. Use an app to find a location airing DIRECTV. There are so many choices and DIRECTV has the apps to make those choices convenient, accessible and enjoyable. Check out all the fun ways to use the apps with your devices.


When you download the DIRECTV App you have access to live and recorded shows no matter where you go. The DIRECTV App is your travel buddy. Get your favorite shows, see the big game, or watch a movie on any of your devices. With DIRECTV and AT&T data services, you stream data free. There is no additional cost and no extra equipment required! Now you can take your TV with you wherever you go. Entertainment for everyone right at your fingertips!

Apple Watch App

The remote is on your arm! The DIRECTV Apple Watch App allows you to control your TV from your wrist! You can access the DIRECTV menus such as channel guide, recordings and others with a tap of the finger. With the DIRECTV Apple Watch App you can check out what's on tonight and see the details.. Maybe there's a new movie or program you would like to see. You can set your HD DVR to record your choices right from your Apple Watch. Your programs are ready to watch when you get home!

Sports Bar Finder App

Now here is a great App! Where are they showing the big game on a big screen? Just use your Sports Bar Finder App. Your App will find sports bars and restaurants near you that are carrying DIRECTV sports programming! Filter to find the game you want and the App will find a location. Pick the location, get directions and email your friends - all from the App!

NFL Sunday Ticket App

This is sports fan heaven! All you need is the NFL Sunday Ticket App and be subscribed to NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX. You get every out-of-market game on any device at any location. Surround yourself with football! All the games, stats, news, and more. You will receive DIRECTV RED ZONE Channel that shows you every red zone scoring drive from all the games. All on one channel! And, every Sunday, tune into DIRECTV FANTASY ZONE Channel. Get all the information you need in real-time to be a winner. Track your NFL Fantasy league while watching a live game - all on the same screen! Get Big Play alerts, tap to view, then go back to what you were watching. NFL at it's best!

Traveling with Entertainment by DIRECTV

Whether you're a snowbird, traveling cross-country or relaxing on your boat, DIRECTV has entertainment solutions that go where you go - on land, at sea, or in the air! Special equipment is available to make your trip or vacation as relaxing as possible.

Automobile travel whether car, SUV or minivan can feel constricting after a while. Keep your passengers entertained with live movies, sports and shows. DIRECTV offers a wide variety of channels. Get a mobile receiver for in-motion and stationary viewing, choose a channel package and off you go!

RV travel is best with all the news, sports, movies and entertainment traveling with you. Choose the mobile receiver that best fits your lifestyle. There are automatic, manual, roof mount or portable; in-motion, stationary and more. Invite the 'neighbors' over for a barbeque and the big game on DIRECTV. Snuggle up to watch a movie. Catch up on the news. Anywhere you go!

Take your TV to the sea! Out at sea, on the lake, or at the shore, you have access to news, sports, movies and more! There are mobile receivers to suit your lifestyle and DIRECTV channel packages to match. Enjoy hours of fun on the boat and relax with a reliable source of news and entertainment. Even at dockside your entertainment continues. Sunshine, fresh air, and access to your favorite programs, news, and sports!

Camping and tailgating just got better. Don't miss a moment of the action with DIRECTV. Portable satellite antennas make it possible. You will be the life of the party when you add the live game to your tailgating feast! Keep your campsite comfortable with entertainment for everyone. Imagine watching live programming and movies under the stars!

Even in the air, you can stay connected. DIRECTV offers in-flight TV so you can stay abreast of the latest news, check the score or watch a movie. With up to 150 channels, including sports packages, passengers will be relaxed and entertained during the flight.

Experiencing the world by travel or by satellite TV is always rewarding. DIRECTV partners with other companies to keep you informed and to bring you the best entertainment possible. Enjoy!

March Madness and other Basketball Craziness (we love it)

Every college basketball conference thinks they have the best team. The brackets are filled with elite teams always in the running, and 'Cinderella' teams making their first appearance. Coaches are under pressure to take their team to the 'Big Dance'. The NCAA basketball tournament is a frenzied, crazy, sports lovers dream that ends mid-March during the final days of the NCAA basketball championship. It has become known as 'March Madness'.

It began way back in 1939 with just 8 college teams competing. Today, there are 68 college teams and 68 coaches playing for the ultimate goal of NCAA basketball champions. The beautiful pennant is hung in the school gym and the winning team has bragging rights forever.

The teams enter the tournament either by winning their conference championship or by being awarded an at-large berth by the NCAA selection committee. When that's all done, the fun begins. Teams begin competing according to whichever 'bracket' was chosen for them. Teams are eliminated and advance until there is a 'Sweet Sixteen', then an 'Elite Eight' and finally the 'Final Four'.

Filling out the brackets during "March Madness" is a must. Watching 68 teams compete is exciting especially if you can watch ALL of the games. With features like DIRETV's Sports Mix, you can watch up to 8 games at one time. Never miss a "swish"!

Unless you live for basketball, you may not be able to understand 'March Madness' and other basketball craziness. It is a time of celebration and loss, fame and fortune, ups and downs, friends and family. It takes place for a short time but is filled to the brim with excitement. Make time to enjoy it this year.

Be a part of March Madness with DIRECTV!

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